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Dear brothers and sisters,

‘You’re invited to…’. Now Amelie is at school she’s starting to get invitations to birthday parties. There are forty-three in her year so, as you can imagine, she gets quite a lot. It is always lovely to get an invitation. Someone has taken the time to think who they would like at their (or their child’s) party and then written an invitation. Amelie loves getting them, and so do we, even if we can’t always make it. 

This month (17th-19th May) our deanery is holding a mission. This is a weekend where each church puts on an event which is aimed at those who don’t normally come to church. The idea is that it’s something fun and accessible which people will want to come to, and someone speaks for a couple of minutes about why they follow Jesus and invite everyone to church. This year we’re having a special service at 9.30am followed by a Pentecost Picnic at 11am on Sunday 19th in the church grounds for fun, fellowship, crafts, and games, and we’re hoping that one of the gladiators from the original Gladiators TV series will be present to talk briefly about how he become a Christian. Lots of work is going into the planning but what will make this a success is if new people come… and this is where you come in. We need you to invite your family, friends, and neighbours. I know that inviting people often feels awkward for Christians but it really doesn’t have to; I have often found that people like being invited, appreciated the thought, even if they can’t come. Just like with the invitations which Amelie receives it is always nice to be asked, and who doesn’t like a picnic?! 

Please may I ask that you do three things. First, pray, that is ASK GOD: Write down the name of a friend, neighbour, family member or colleague who you would love to see come to know Jesus. Pray the prayer below daily, asking God to help them:

‘Dear God, I pray for_______.Please would you be at work in their hearts and minds, preparing them to be invited to an event over the mission weekend. Please would you help me to be courageous in inviting them. Please would you help them to respond positively to the invitation, and to everything they see and hear during the weekend. I long to see (NAME) come to know more of your love and your great plan for their life. Would your Holy Spirit be at work in me and in them.This I pray in Jesus' name. Amen.

Second, ASK THEM: Spend time with your friend or your relative. It can deepen your friendship and create a chance to talk about attending the service or the picnic with you. Nearer the time, ask if they would like to come with you. It can be something simple like: ‘I’m going, it’s going to be great, would you like to come with me?’ Third, BRING THEM: Arrange to collect them, if you can, and bring them with you so that they can meet other Christians and hear about Jesus. It really is very simple and if one person says they can’t come, then don’t worry just ask another. This is the way the Church has always grown in the past and the only way it will grow in the future, simple invitation.

So, pray, ask, and bring. If we all do this both our 9.30am service and the Pentecost Picnic will be packed, we’ll have a great time, and who knows may be some new folk will take the first step in a journey of faith towards Jesus.

God bless,

Fr Mike