Faith is an ongoing relationship with God and at St George’s we’re here to help one another to grow and develop that relationship. Here are some of the ways you can get involved:

Christianity Explored

CE is an informal and relaxed six-week course. It's for anyone who wants to think about the meaning of life, and it is completely free. You don't need to know anything about the Bible and you won't be asked to pray or sing. You can ask any question you like or you can just sit and listen. It’s for those who don’t know anything about Christianity, or those who want a refresher on the basics.

Our next course begins after Easter. For more information speak to Fr Mike.

Watch a trailer here.


Many of us have been baptised as babies and as we grow we want the opportunity to publicly choose or own our faith as adults. At St George’s Church we offer this to anyone from the final year at primary school (aged 11) and upwards. You’re never too old to confirm your faith, and we regularly have adults going through the preparation and being confirmed. You’ll need to take part in a 6 week course and be able to prove you’ve been baptised, or be willing to be baptised as part of the preparation. Confirmation Sunday usual happens once a year during the summer months. For more information speak to Fr Mike.

Bible Reflection Groups

The Christian Faith is a lifelong journey as we seek to grow in our love and knowledge of God. To help us in this process we find that small groups are a great way to be part of a small community and to learn together. Throughout the year we meet together to study the Bible, pray together, and encourage one another as Christians. These groups are informal and relatively basic, so perfect for anyone who wants to think a little deeper about their faith. For more information speak to Fr Mike.


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