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Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month in the Church Hall, unless a visit or extra-mural activity is planned. It was in 2008 that the first of our joint meetings with the Euxton Men’s Fellowship took place and have continued to remain part of  the calendar.
There is annual subscription fee of £5 with a £2 contribution on each occasion that we meet.
Activities are planned Recent examples have been guest speakers: “ on Being Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons”, a contribution from our own Chorley M.P., Lyndsay Hoyle: “On Being a Micro-biologist” provided insights into the other half of the life of Revd .Angela Wynne while Alan Farrington and David Horsfield provided the support for members to both test out and develop members’ I.T. skills. Two recent activities, the cookery evening held at Albany Academy in November and the social luncheon, taken at the Owls in Standish in May, look as though they could become permanent features of our annual programme. January and June remain the months for our joint meetings with colleagues from Euxton.

New members are most welcome, simply come along on a 'second Wednesday or contact one of the committee members (after 10.00am services on Sunday). Similarly we would love to hear from anyone who would like to offer their services as a guest speaker (telephone Chorley 01257 263245).




PRESENT:-   Revd.K.Barret, Mr.A.Bleakley, Revd.G.Downing, Mr.A.Farrington,  Mr.W.Greenwood, Mr.D.Horsfield, Mr.P.Jackson, Mr.J.Scanlon, Mr.W.Walker.

APOLOGIES:-  Mr.J.Collinson, Mr.J.MacPartlin.

The meeting commenced with the saying of the Fellowship prayer.

SECRETARIES REPORT:-   A commentary representing the thoughts of the joint secretaries was presented, with the focus upon the nature of “fellowship” and the way it was part of the daily lives of the Group. Thanks were expressed to the members for their continued support and reference was made to the splendid work which Bill Walker had done since his volunteering to take on the role of Treasurer.

TREASURER’S REPORT:-   The Treasurer spoke to a set of accounts which had been distributed, explaining the rationale behind the format. Although the current assets were some £14 lower than at the same point in 2014 he considered that the Group was financially viable and there was no need to contemplate increasing the level of subscription, which would remain at £5 per person.

ELECTION OF OFFICERS:-   A request for anyone wishing to take on the mantle of Secretary or Treasurer was made, with an explanation by the current incumbents of their willingness to continue in their roles if there were no alternatives forthcoming.
In the light of there being no volunteers, it was agreed that W .Greenwood and D. Horsfield would carry on as Joint Secretaries with B. Walker remaining as Treasurer.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 7.35 pm.

Note – the Treasurer will be delighted to receive subscriptions from as many people as possible at the earliest convenience.

The Annual General Meeting was followed by a social and the award of the Chef of the Year competition, which on this occasion was won by David Horsfield.
The winners of the games were as follows:-

Beetle                   Bill Greenwood
Darts                     Revd.Ken Barrett
Quoits                   Alan Bleakley
Dominoes             Peter Jackson
Victor Ludorum     Revd.Ken Barrett.

January 2018
January 12th the meeting this month is about The Appley Bridge Meteorite with Russell Parry. 7.30 in the Church Hall.
February 2017
February 9th in the Church Hall: talk on Looking at Dementia with Marian Knight a Dementia Friends Champion, in conjunction with the Thursday Ladies Circle and Mothers Uion. Start 7.30 pm.
March 9th. in the Church Hall: talk on" Dutch Resistance in the 2nd. World War" given by Alan and Aukje Clegg. Start 7.30 pm.


The AGM was attended by 14 stalwarts who willingly accepted the information that David Horsfield, Bill Greenwood and Bill Walker were prepared to continue as Joint Secretaries and Treasurer respectively.
The reports of both the Joint Secretaries and Treasurer were accepted. Mention was made of the difficult circumstances affecting participation by some of our colleagues. The Treasurer indicated the viability of the finances, which was good to hear because he indicated that he saw no reason to increase the annual subscription. Thanks were expressed by those present, for the interesting and varied programme of events, and for keeping the Group financially stable.
The second part of the evening consisted of the usual games, the Chef of the Year competition and hot pot supper. Graham Heald was the star of the evening in that he won all bar one of the games, thereby becoming the 2016 Victor Ludorum ( see photo). In a lovely gesture he forwent the individual prizes enabling the runners up in each game to collect the bottles of wine.
Bill Baxendale ( see photo ) was crowned the 2016 Chef of the Year for his “flapjack” collection which Audrey Clark adjudged to be the best. Our thanks go to Audrey for giving up her time to act as independent judge.

It was October 13th., 1914, at around 8.45pm., when people from Stoke – on – Trent to Appley Bridge just outside Wigan, became startled by a ball of bright light travelling through the sky, very similar to the fiery trail recently seen over Chelyabinsk in Russia. Whatever the people thought it was it landed at Appley Bridge… and so began the events which have led to Russell Parry, our evening’s guest, researching and collecting materials which have led to him being able to tell the story of the Appley Bridge Meteorite. And what a fascinating story it is. The 13 of us who had gathered for our meeting were kept enthralled, not only by the content of the story but the manner in which the illustrated story was presented.

Russell was originally from Shropshire, moving up to Appley Bridge some 20 years ago. Being interested in all things related to “community”, it was not long before he became absorbed with the story of the meteorite and began to carry out research into its history, a journey which has taken him to many parts of the globe and being recognised as an expert in this field.

The locals thought that the event was caused by a German Zepplin dropping bombs on the village. Not surprising really when you look at the date the event took place. On the morning after the bomb scare, the meteorite was found in a local farmer’s field. It was some 18 inches below the surface, weighing some33 pounds and with the appearance of burnt iron. Being an “intruder”, the local Wigan constabulary had it “carted off” to the police headquarters in Preston: fortunately it was not kept in prison.

A small fragment had separated from the main mass and appeared in the shop window of Mr. James Ripley at Appley Bridge; he obviously recognised the potential of it as an attraction to increasing his sales. So to the farmer into whose field it had dropped: the sale of the item to the British Museum raised a princely sum of money.

Meteorites like this are important to the scientific community in that they provide information about the formation of the solar system some 4500 million years ago.

Russell had examples of meteorites for us to handle, although the small fragment of the Appley Bridge meteorite was in a sealed case. Other pieces of the meteorite can be found all over the world but Russell’s story does not end here: somewhere there is a missing piece. So, if by any chance you have a small piece of very heavy rock on the mantelpiece, please let us know and we will pass on the information to Russell. You never know, you might be the lucky person to round off the story.

Russell’s work is referenced in all manner of scientific journals but he has produced a lovely book aimed at the non specialist, providing a very comprehensive account of the story of the Appley Bridge Meteorite. It is priced at £10. For further details contact any member of the Men’s Group or search the web using the heading The Appley Bridge Meteorite.

What shone through the evening was Russell’s enthusiasm and commitment to telling the story which has emerged through his interest and perseverance in carrying the research. Some of that light, which was a cause of much concern in 1914, illuminated our meeting, for which Russell received a very generous thank you.



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